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Pastor Andrew Taylor



Andrew H. Taylor, III was born and raised in Houston, TX. He is married to Minister Pamela Taylor. They have one daughter, Deanna. Andrew was born in the Sunnyside part of Houston and lived there until his parents moved to the McGregor Terrace or what is now known as Third Ward Houston. Since Andrew’s family lived on the fringes of the Museum District, his Mother made sure the children had access to culture via the arts and sciences. His Father, a business owner rounded his upbringing by teaching him electricity as a trade, customer service, property management and how to care for horses.  Andrew went on to major in Music Education at Texas Southern where he also performed in the “Ocean of Soul” marching and concert bands from 1984-1988.

After leaving Texas Southern in 1988, Andrew spent the next four and a half years in the U.S. Marine Band at Quantico Marine Base in Virginia. During this tour of duty, he served as a Tuba player, soloist and interim low brass section leader. After leaving the Marine Corps in 1993, Andrew worked several jobs and completed his B.S in Computer Information Systems. After going to work as a field technician for a high speed internet provider in Mclean, VA in 1998, Andrew was promoted to regional manager in 2000 and transferred back to his hometown of Houston.


Even though this was a great job, Andrew was beginning to realize around 2003 that there was more that God wanted from him so he began reading and studying the Bible on a more regular basis. It was at this point that Andrew realized that his purpose was to preach and teach the Gospel. In 2006, after becoming a deacon and his wife Pamela completing her Master’s in Christian Counseling Psychology, he realized that the denominational church would not accommodate where God was instructing him to lead his family. Even though Andrew had a hunger and thirst for biblical knowledge, he did not have a mentor or someone to help him systematically study and understand the Word of God. It was later that year that Andrew would have the opportunity to meet Dr. Dana Carson and that would change his life forever. After visiting the R.O.C.K. for over a couple of months, Andrew and Pamela joined the ministry and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Andrew is currently the Pastor of the R.O.C.K. NoVA located in Fredericksburg, VA.

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